• "It has really been a breakthrough in my daily design work." Alberto - Designer
  • "A couple of clicks, and you see your model on your desk. Simply amazing." Christopher - Industrial Designer
  • "Finally something able to speed up my design workflow." Massimo - Architect
  • "Three words: intuitive, immediate, innovative." Marta - IT Student
  • "LinceoVR allowed me to drammatically cut down marketing expenses." Edoardo - Marketing Manager
  • "A new era for 3D design has just begun." Lin - Interior Designer

Technical Specifications


PrimeSense Sensor based tracking

  • Body tracking via Microsoft Kinect (skeleton nodes)
  • Gesture recognition via Microsoft Kinect (rotate, zoom, pan and swipe to switch layout)
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows (Microsoft SDK) compatible
  • Microsoft Kinect XBOX 360 (OpenNI) compatible
  • PrimseSense Sensor based devices ready (e.g. Asus Xtion compatible)

Marker Tracking

  • Black and White Marker tracking
  • Multi marker Tracking
  • Custom Marker Creation

Natural Feature Tracking

  • Texture tracking (Natural feature tracking)
  • Multi Texture tracking
  • Custom Texture creation


  • Webcam (up to 1080 p)
  • SD, HD, Professional SDI videocameras (up to 1080p)
  • Point Grey FLEA2 camera support
  • Any DirectShow compatible video input filter videocameras
  • IP filter support for remote LAN and WiFi Network videocameras (up to 1080p)
  • Multicast video streaming Input
  • Camera calibration Wizard
  • Realtime deinterlace Filter
  • Image input (jpeg, png)
  • Movie input (avi, wmv, mpg, mpeg, webm)
  • Canon EOS and PowerShot cameras direct control and input support via USB

Settings and Features

  • Realtime rendering up to 30 fps (depending on GPU and camera input)
  • Realtime tracking tuning
  • Realtime Background substraction and substitution for Realtime Keying (e.g. greenscreen)
  • Geometry Occluder
  • Realtime Video recording up to 1080p
  • Realtime image saving at any resolution
  • Programmable API to create custom interfaces offline and online
  • Custom Overlays 2D
  • Point and click on geometries and Overlays 2D for interaction
  • Optical Seethorugh Augmented Reality Glasses ready
  • Projection mapping ready
  • Vuzix Augmented reality Glasses ready
  • Trivisio Augmented Reality ready
  • Wowee Rovio Augmented Reality drone support


Rendering features

  • Realtime rendering up to 60 fps (depending on GPU)
  • Realtime soft shadows (self and int)
  • Ambient Occlusion Shadows
  • HDRI and OpenEXR Lighting
  • Environment reflections
  • Interactive Raytracing (self and int reflections and refractions) on Nvidia GPU
  • Realtime Material changes update


  • 360° Turnable on any axis
  • Multiple views management via Bookmarks
  • Camera path editor and player
  • 3D Connexion Space Mouse™ Ready


  • 360° panorama HDR
  • 360° panorama LDR
  • Image (jpeg, png)
  • Movie (avi, wmv, mpg, mpeg, webm)
  • Solid and gradient colors


  • Realtime Glow post effect
  • Realtime interactive depth of field
  • Realtime lens Flare effect
  • Realtime auto iris
  • Realtime Multipass antialias


  • Over 100 preset custoizable materials
  • HDRI and OpenGL materials for any GPU support
  • Phisically correct parameters
  • Key sorting parameters
  • Normal maps and bumb effect
  • Video Textures
  • Interactive textures (via API and SDK)
  • UV mapping editor
  • Fresnel Reflections and Refractions
  • Emissive materials
  • Backface culling parameters
  • Drag and drop material assignment


  • Realtime animations imported by any DCC software (FBX interexchange format)
  • Built-in animation preset (rotation, bouncing, pulse)


  • 3D Realtime surround engine
  • WRML support
  • Wave file import

Geometries and materials variants

  • Gemoetry variants creation and management
  • Material variants creation and management
  • Multiple Layouts management (geometry and material variants combinations)

3D data Input

  • Native file format (lvz, lsc, lvr)
  • 3D standard data import (fbx, 3dm, wrl, obj, 3ds, igs, iges, step, stp)
  • Plugin for Rhino® 4 and next for direct export from Rhino to LinceoVR
  • Plugin for 3ds Max® and next for direct export from 3ds Max to LinceoVR


  • Realtime viewport
  • Realtime Standard monoscopic
  • Realtime OpenGL Active Stereo Support
  • Realtime OpenGL Passive Stereo Support
  • Realtime Autostereo Support (vertical interlace)
  • Images
  • Standard monoscopic image at any resolution (jpeg, png)
  • Stereoscopic side by side image at any resolution (jpeg, png)
  • Autostereoscopic interlaced image at any resolution (jpeg, png)
  • Batch rendering
  • Automatic batch rendering and image saving (jpg,png)
  • Automatic viewpoints, scene and variants permutation
  • Full 360° QTVR like images set easy creation
  • Advanced setting panel for custom permutation rules
  • Video
  • Realtime video screen recording at viewport resolution (webm)
  • Camera path monoscopic video recording at any resolution (raw, webm)
  • Camera path stereoscopic side by side video recording at any resolution (raw, webm)
  • Camera path autostereoscopic tiled image video recording at any resolution (raw, webm)
  • File Export
  • Free export to lvzc format for any use of LinceoVR Viewer (standalone, web, powerpoint)
  • lvr, lsc

Mesh handling and optimization

  • over 20 millions of polygons support for both Augmented reality and Realtime rendering 30fps
  • Mesh optimizator for polygon reduction



  • Executable runtime
  • viewing mode only enabled (no scene editing option)
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality mode available


  • embeddable in an HTML page as ActiveX
  • cross platform browser compatible (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
  • viewing mode only enabled (no scene editing option)
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality mode available
  • custom web interface programmable via javascript API

Microsoft Power Point

  • embeddable in Microsoft Power Point as a plugin
  • Realtime execution in PowerPoint presentation mode
  • viewing mode only enabled (no scene editing option)
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality mode available
  • custom interface programmable via VBA
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