• "It has really been a breakthrough in my daily design work." Alberto - Designer
  • "A couple of clicks, and you see your model on your desk. Simply amazing." Christopher - Industrial Designer
  • "Finally something able to speed up my design workflow." Massimo - Architect
  • "Three words: intuitive, immediate, innovative." Marta - IT Student
  • "LinceoVR allowed me to drammatically cut down marketing expenses." Edoardo - Marketing Manager
  • "A new era for 3D design has just begun." Lin - Interior Designer

Gestural Virtual Mirror

Enable shoppers to virtually try-on products and engage users by using a Minority Report-like interaction; combine both and you will make people live a memorable experience.

LinceoVR allows you to design a high-definition virtual try-out, which enhances the product experience and makes the decision-making fun and memorable. In a few steps, you can turn your catalogue of 3D product models into items that the user can lively interact with. Whether they are clothes, accessories, bags, hairstyle or make-up, you can offer endless possibilities to virtually wear the product on one or more part of the body.

Moreover, you can allow the customers to rotate, zoom out and in, choose variants and swipe the objects away as if they are alive. Thanks to the Microsoft Kinect-based Augmented Reality, LinceoVR has become a leader in the field of product interaction, turning it into a natural body gesture.

It will offer a quick entry to a 21st century shopping experience for retailers and brands.

Augmented World Expo

4-5 June

Santa Clara (CA)

Booth 75


Mobile Augmented Reality Platform.
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